¿About us?


With the effort used and the knowledge acquired for years, with experience exporting quality products.We are dedicated to agroindustrial activity, marketing in the national and international market products such as fruits and vegetables in its different presentations (fresh and frozen).

About us

Our mission

Offer the world fruits and vegetables in both fresh and frozen top quality, with efficiency and responsibility, applying good agricultural practices, generating employment, income and quality of life of our strategic allies and of course, our consumers.

Our vision

Be a leading and innovative company, contributing to the demand of the main emerging markets worldwide, achieving in the long term the consolidation in foreign trade with an optimal production chain, this, reinforcing our commitment to the care of the environment and its threats.

Our values

1.- Riot
      Accionamos en función de nuestros valores y principios éticos, con nuestros proveedores y clientes.

2.- Committed and passionate
      We protect the quality of our products respecting the strong and sustainable value chain.

3.- Timely
      Efficiency in the terms of attention and services offered.

4.- Honest
      We seek transparency in our actions with both suppliers, clients and collaborators.

Contact us


Av. Talara 683 Int. 802, Jesús María, Lima-Perú.


+51 968 977 697